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I was really surprised at the quality of this item when I installed it in my car which is a Camry! I would highly recommend this product to anybody. Best bang for the buck! it even has a strap that you can push into the slot where the seatbelt goes and then it attaches to the dogs harness. If you have a sudden stop your dog is secure! oh one other thing, you can hide Valuables underneath the fabric and nobody can see it when they look into the car.

Paula Patton

Peteast Dog Car Seat Cover for Back Seat

The Peteast Pet Nail Grinder is a welcome product to the dog grooming market. It is cheaper than the Oster grinder. The first time I used the Oster on the Aussie, she jumped off the table, but the quieter Peteast grinder did not frighten her. And with the built-in guard, this is a SAFE bet for pets.
Kurt Henry
Peteast Dog Nail Grinder
This leash is perfect for those dogs who need some extra energy taken out of them without you having to go take a nap after. And it's extremely sturdy. Not that thin little cord you're always afraid will break if they pull too much. It has a nice think band that will last forever.
Todd M
Peteast Leash
My dog loves his new sprinkle pad. He was a bit apprehensive at first because its something new but soon started charging his way through it. This will be great for the hot summer days to help cool him off and im sure the kids wil help him enjoy his new toy aswell
samantha holliday
Peteast Splash Sprinkler Pad

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