Dog Chew Toys

    • [Safe & Non-Toxic] - As with all rubber toys, some DOGS WILL BE ABLE TO CHIP OFF SMALL PIECES AND MAKE DENTS TO THIS CHEW TOY and may swallow tiny chipped-off pieces, they should pass safely. Proper supervision is recommended. Our patented “Smooth Scrape Technology” process makes the polymer material extra firm and durable, which would not be brittle into pieces or broke into halves when chewed on. Made of non-toxic natural rubber. Tough to destroy but harmless to your dog's teeth.
    • [Unique Design] - Designed with the bone shapes and the bacon flavor can increase the attractiveness to dogs.
    • [Tooth Cleaning Function] - The dog chew toy covered with spikes is to increase the force of friction, help to grind away plaque and loosen tartar in hard to reach places. You may also apply a thin layer of treat paste such as peanut butter flavor, etc on the groove to prolong chewing time.
    • [Reduces Anxiety and Boredom] - Dog Chew toys teach good chewing habits while satisfying the natural urge to chew and helps your dog to release excess energy and reduce destructive behavior.
    • [Buy With Confidence] - This chew toy has been tested by German Shepherds, Mastiffs, Siberian huskies, Labrador and many other avid power chewers. Dogs will be able to scrape off small plastic shavings and making dents on this toy. It is normal wear and tear. If anything goes wrong with the toy, please contact us immediately to get the solution.
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