Best LED dog collar, harness and leash

Best LED Dog Collar, Harness And Leash

One way of controlling or guiding our dogs is through a leash. A leash in a general sense is a rope, chain, or strap that is attached to the collar of a pet’s neck and is held on the opposite side by a human in order to control it. There are different types of leashes and some of it is the following:

Best LED dog collar, harness and leash
  • standard dog leash – usually made of Nylon or leather which are both tough and can withstand tension.
  •  retractable dog leashes – this allows changing the length of your leash as you prefer.
  •  adjustable dog leashes – this is also another way of adjusting the leash but with buckles
  •  chain leashes – this type is used when the dog is most likely to chew their leash
  •  the martingale leashes – this type is used as a training aid and when trying to prevent a dog from pulling
  •  multiple dog leash – this type is ideal when you have multiple dogs that you want to walk at the same time
  • Seat belt safety leash – this is for the back seat of your car to secure the dog from wandering off
  • Bike leash – this is also used along with the bike enthusiast when they want to include their dogs on their bike trip.

Above all types of the usual leash, there’s a new technology that illuminates in the dark and help keeps dog seen easily and that is the LED dog leash. LED is the acronym for Light Emitting Diode which is a semiconductor light source that emits light when current flows through it. It is useful during nighttime while walking in the park or in a dark street because it can make your dog more visible due to its colorful lights. Motorists or cyclists can also easily be aware if dogs cross or are on the road due to their visibility. Major accidents in the streets can also be prevented if ever our dogs suddenly jump out of the main streets.

Best LED dog collar, harness and leash

This kind of leash can be chargeable and can be battery-operated alone. It can recharge if ever it runs out of power, and so it comes with a USB charger so that you can reuse it. The latter is usually of Triple-A battery type that can also be easily replaced. Some of the LED leashes are push-button operated to turn on and off the light. The usual runtime of the LED leash is 6.5 hours on a single charging of 1.5 hours so you can enjoy walking without minding the deflation of its power.


The usual LED dog leash is made up of nylon which is known for its durability because it is made up of synthetic plastic material composed of polyamides. This material is still used because it is comfortable for the hand.

The leash has fiber optic technology and a LED on the handle that emits light and transmits throughout the entire length of the leash that offering both constant glow and flash models.


There are also different sizes that you can choose from, there are small, medium, and large fit neck sizes. Some also have adjustable buckles to loosen or tighten the leash.

LED strips (without fiber optic technology) are also on the leash. It is placed in the center and sided by nylon material.

The standard length of it is typical of 4 to 6 feet long with a metal clip on the other end.



If you are planning to buy the LED dog leash, here is a summary of the top online stores that you can choose from.

ILLUMISEEN$ 24.99-USB Rechargeable Battery, Lightweight, Sturdy and Durable material- User-friendly, comfortable, and fully adjustable- Lifetime Guarantee- Perfect to use with the matching LED dog collars.Bright OrangeCotton Candy PinkNeon GreenRoyal BlueRuby RedSunburst yellow4 feet 6 feet
PETCO$34. 99-The rope lead is equipped with built-in bungee for shock absorption to handle the walks the outdoors with your pup- Built-in bungee absorbs shock and makes walks and trail runs more comfortable-D ring for waste bag managementYellow6 feet
NICE DOG$ 29.99-Integrated optical fiber and two-high powered LEDs provide full-length illumination-Glow of flash-Easy push-button operation Soft-grip padded handle for extra comfort.-water resistant-High quality hardware for secure attachment to collars-Recharges in approximately 1.25 hours using micro USB cable but not includedBlue/ Blue LEDLime/ Green LED5 feet
BLAZIN SAFETY$ 26.99-Nylon LED leash helps you and your best buddy stay visible for up to 350 yards-Charge from any device and runs over 10 hours-Features a slim on/off box and padded handle to help avoid burns-Steel swivels help prevent wound-up tangles-Choose from 3 modes – on, strobe and blink.-Leash width is 5/8 inch-Sturdy yet lightweight-handy trigger hook easily connectsPinkRedGreenPurpleOrangeYellowBlueBlack4 feet
WHISKERBONES$ 15.49-Ultra-Bright LED- 7-10 hours flashing burn time- Weatherproof- Has steady flashing light setting for the ultimate protection in nighttime visibility.GreenBluePinkRedNot specified
GLAM ME PET$ 16.38Material: Polyester webbing (leash), the translucent screen surface, and flat fiber (light)Battery: 2pcs CR2016 (included)Battery life: 60-80 hours, 2-3 months average-A sturdy loop at the end of the leash allows full control of your dog in any situation.-Can change the LED light effects on the leash from solid light to flashing light with just one clickGreenPinkBlueRedYellowOrangeS: 0.59 x 47.2 in / 1.5 x120 cm(Width x Length) M: 0.78 x47.2 in / 2.0 x 120cm (Width x Length) L: 0.98 x 47.2 in / 2.5 x 120 cm (Width x Length)
DAILY KARTSRs. 999-Safety-User Friendly, High Quality, and Comfort – this durable leash is a padded handle that will be able to last a lifetime.- USB Rechargeable Battery – Charge time: 2 hours and each charge will last about 15 hours of solid lights lasting you multiple walks.-Lifetime Guarantee- Feature: Three flash mode first click quick flash, second click show flash, third click steady light-Adjustable collar-Striped-Collar + Leash – Green Collar + Leash – Red Collar + Leash – Blue Collar + Leash – PinkCollar for small dogs / medium dogs / Large dogs

Except for the leashes, there are also LED harness and collars that is available in the market nowadays. The dog harness is a strap that surrounds the dog’s body. It is used to lift the dog, guide, hold or utilize its pulling power. It reduces tension on the neck when they pull and provides free breathing during daily walks.


To give you a better idea regarding the LED Dog Leash, the following is a summary of the Pros and Cons that you might consider.

Pets can be visible at night timeLED light might fail easily
Might prevent accidents because motorists or cyclists can easily see dogs in the middle of streetsExpensive
Prevent your dog from wandering in inappropriate places.Dogs might chew the LED lights

In a conclusion, LED dog leashes are safe to use. It is a wonderful invention nowadays, especially for the fur parents who want to take care of their dogs and at some point, it lessens their worries when crossing the streets or being on a road where there is no light. Just take note that overcharging can damage the serviceable life span of the LEDs. And remember to keep an eye on your dogs if ever they will chew their leash as it is also an electronic part.